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The leading domestic Catch up with the worldWe are a professional committed to the industrial waste solutions for service providers

1997 Years

Was established1997

37.74 m

The factory covers an area of37.74m

9000 Ten thousand yuan

The total investment9000Ten thousand yuan

60000 Tons

In the disposal of waste60000Tons

36000 Tons

Annual output ability resource products

About DE da
Company profile
Jiaxing DE da resources recycling co., LTDLocated in the beautiful scenery of the ancient town in one thousand——Xitang,Was established1997Years1Month,Is a professional committed to the industrial waste solutions for service providers,Is a deep and Hong Kong listed Company Dongjiang Environmental Company Limited control unit。
The enterprise culture
The core culture:Honestly
Corporate mission:Let the world no rubbish!
Corporate vision:Do a respected environmental protection industry leader
Core values:Often、Honestly、Specially

    Product center

    The company supplies resource products are mainly used in various industries,Products are mainly used for industrial preservatives with copper salt、The catalyst、Forestry preservatives、Industrial dye、Mordant、Pesticides、Disinfectant;
    Tin salt products are mainly used for smelting ore enterprises for industrial processing;Secondary packaging barrels for various demand enterprise。Among them with copper salt products, the most competitive,Sold throughout the country。

    Copper chloride

    Copper sulfate

    Alkali type copper chloride

    Alkali type copper carbonate

    Copper hydroxide

    Copper oxide

    Hydrogen tin oxide

    Nickel hydroxide

    Ammonium chloride

    Sodium nitrate

    Calcium hydrogen phosphate

    Packaging barrels

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